5 Interior Design Essentials

“a design isn’t finished until someone is using it’ – Branda Laurel Interior Design is an art and at its centre has design essentials. Here are 5 interior design essentials you should consider when you want to create a truly unique space. Texture is one of the interior design essentials, clients’ diverse tastes can result […]

Green Architecture

The fulfilment of the Sustainable Development Goals has continued to gain momentum as companies, firms, and individuals seek to resolve real issues as it concerns the sustainability of the earth. Green architecture is one of the concepts curated in developing environmentally friendly solutions to climate change. Green Architecture sometimes called Green Buildings are premised on […]

Sustainable Building Solutions

Sustainable buildings put a spotlight on the impact of climate change happening in real time and the construction sector’s utilization of natural resources in implementing designs and buildings. The impact of climate change and the limitations of natural resources require architects and construction companies to put into consideration the environmental impact of the designs and […]