Green Architecture

June 11, 2022

The fulfilment of the Sustainable Development Goals has continued to gain momentum as companies, firms, and individuals seek to resolve real issues as it concerns the sustainability of the earth. Green architecture is one of the concepts curated in developing environmentally friendly solutions to climate change.

Green Architecture sometimes called Green Buildings are premised on the need to design, construct, operate, and maintain buildings, buildings material without harming the environment. In achieving this goal, the solutions are complex, nonetheless, the practice of green Architecture is one of the means for ensuring the earth’s sustainability.

The benefits of Green Architecture include pollution reduction, preserving natural resources, and natural elements preservation. Green architecture can consist of an effective cooling and heating system for ventilation; energy-saving light fixtures and appliances, water-saving plumbing systems, locally sourced woods, non-toxic materials, alternative power sources, efficient use of space, etc.