5 Interior Design Essentials

June 11, 2022

“a design isn’t finished until someone is using it’ – Branda Laurel

Interior Design is an art and at its centre has design essentials. Here are 5 interior design essentials you should consider when you want to create a truly unique space.

Texture is one of the interior design essentials, clients’ diverse tastes can result in an idea and the desire for different textures tailored-fit for a specific building, fitting, and space interior. These different textures can result in people having great experiences with their senses as they interact with a space.

Colour is one of the vital essentials of interior design. A need for the careful consideration of colors that represent a name, brand, company, or institution. Colour helps to tell a story, and initiate conversations.

Lightening is another important essential in interior design. It is connected to how everyone who steps into a space interacts with the space, and helps to highlight important objects, areas, and fittings.

Style is a key essential of interior design because it determines the texture, color, light, and fittings that will be utilized in a space. Style can be traditional, contemporary, industrial, rustic, or minimalist amongst others.

Fittings to be included in a space is another important essential of interior design. The fittings to be installed in a space can be premised on various considerations; the use of the space, culture, geographic location amongst others.