Public institutions are a reflection of invested value and prestige. Project KDHA is one of our best projects yet. We were contacted to present our design for remodeling the Kaduna State House of Assembly. We engaged in several presentations to present a design that portrays and characterizes a truly outstanding structure that is unforgettable. This […]


Ilorin, Kwara State Indoor Sports Complex represents a space for individuals, athletes, and  children to practice and horn their respective skills in a safe and controlled environment and  achieve their dreams of Country representation and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Aptic Shelters was contracted to renovate the entire space of the dilapidated Indoor Sports Complex. We […]


Renovations can be good, but at Aptic Shelters, we insist on excellent and unforgettable renovations. Old lights, fittings, colours, and props giving way for the new. We are delighted to introduce Project DOP. Aptic Shelters designed and executed Project DOP – a former residential building converted and repurposed into modern and entrancing office spaces on […]